Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Suicide and self-harm

Hello lovelies!

I have noticed a lot of people over the Internet, whether that be on tumblr, twitter, youtube, blogger, etc., blog about things like how they want to be thin or pretty (when they are perfect and beautiful just as they are) or how they hate their life because of bullying and other things.
Another thing I have noticed is that there are thousands of teens cutting themselves and genuinely considering suicide.  It hurts me to see that these people, people that I don't know and will probably never meet , are told to "kill themselves" by anonymous users, or to be called useless, attention seeker, ugly, fat, worthless, a mistake.

These teens who say these things to people who are clearly crying out for help would never  say those things in person face to face. They hide behind screens. And anyone who would say ANYTHING along those lines to anyone, even as a "joke" shouldn't be called a human being.

My family lost a close family friend. He committed suicide. He thought he was worthless and that no one would care. We cared. His friends cared. His family cared.  
When I was about 11 or 12, I knew a girl (about 15). She was my friends older sister but we got along. She didn't have the best upbringing. My friend was young enough at the time that he could only remember parts of things. But she remembered all of it. At 12 she started cutting herself. At 14 she was hospitalized because of an overdose.  After the overdose she stopped. Her mum knew everything and kept an eye on her. When she was 16, she was hospitalized again for loss of blood. She had more than 50 deep and long cuts on her stomach.

These friends thought it was the way out. Killing themselves was the only way for life not to get any worse. What they were doing was not giving life the chance to get better. They thought that they were alone, that no one would listen or help. What helped them into thinking this was scumbags who told them they were useless, un-loved, fat, ugly, people who bullied them mentally and physically.

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