Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ear piercings

Hello everyone :)
Many people have their ears pierced, and many people don't. For some all it is is making hole in you ear , maybe even considered "ungly" by some, and to others it is decoration.
Personally, have six piercings in my ears. Both lobes first hole (done as a baby, with a gun) both lobes second hole (age 14, again with a gun), right cartilage (age 12, numbed and done with a needle) and my left tragus (age 17, needle). And I plan on having more done.
My grandmother isn't very happy I have "so many holes in my ears". My mother doesn't really like it but as long as its only my ears she is fine. My boyfriend doesn't care, and my friends think "it's so cool".
If you are thinking about getting your ears pierced (or any part of your body) just because it's cool, or all your friends have it, you are not going to love it. After a while you will get bored.
My cartilage piercing was one of those times. My "friend" got it done, and I thought 'hey, she looks cool with that and she gets alot of attention with it.' So I told my mum that I wanted it and or my birthday I went to the tattoo shop and got it done. Even that wasn't the best experience. The man froze my ear with a spray, and then did the work. Great! I didn't feel a thing. But afterwards, when the feeling came back to my ear, I was in tears from the pain.
On the other hand, my second lobe and tragus piercings were completely my decision with no outside influence. My lobes I got done at a place like clairs. I couldn't wait to get them done so I went to the first place I found that would do them. Big mistake! They were done with a gun, witch I now know isn't very hygienic, and to be honest in my personal opinion absolute rubish. It's a blunt force trauma to the tissue, and when I feel other the holes that have been done with a gun, there is a little lump under the skin. And they are slightly wonky. You can't tell unless you really look at them, but I know they are .
My tragus was done with a needle at a tattoo shop, with no freezing or numbing or any of that crap. He told me to breath in and breath out on his word, and it was done before I had finished breathing out.
On a pain scale of 1 to 10:
Second lobes, gun. 3 or 4
Cartilage, needle Thanks to the numbing I didn't feel a thing. Afterwards, when it wore off, it was an 8 or 9.
Tragus, needle. 2 or 3.

Then there is the difference between the healing. Different parts of your body take different lengths of time to heal.
Lobes. Because of the studs, they kept catching on my jumpers and scarfs. They took longer than the should have, and once they were healed, to take the earing out they started bleeding. The backing was like it had been welded on.
Cartilage. It had pus for the first few days, but other than that it healed very nicely and in the time it should have.
Tragus. Absolutly no problem what so ever. Healed perfectly in the time he said it would, and I can still wear in-ear headphones with no discomfort.

What about you guys? Have you got any piercings? Or are you against them?

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