Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Suicide and self-harm

Hello lovelies!

I have noticed a lot of people over the Internet, whether that be on tumblr, twitter, youtube, blogger, etc., blog about things like how they want to be thin or pretty (when they are perfect and beautiful just as they are) or how they hate their life because of bullying and other things.
Another thing I have noticed is that there are thousands of teens cutting themselves and genuinely considering suicide.  It hurts me to see that these people, people that I don't know and will probably never meet , are told to "kill themselves" by anonymous users, or to be called useless, attention seeker, ugly, fat, worthless, a mistake.

These teens who say these things to people who are clearly crying out for help would never  say those things in person face to face. They hide behind screens. And anyone who would say ANYTHING along those lines to anyone, even as a "joke" shouldn't be called a human being.

My family lost a close family friend. He committed suicide. He thought he was worthless and that no one would care. We cared. His friends cared. His family cared.  
When I was about 11 or 12, I knew a girl (about 15). She was my friends older sister but we got along. She didn't have the best upbringing. My friend was young enough at the time that he could only remember parts of things. But she remembered all of it. At 12 she started cutting herself. At 14 she was hospitalized because of an overdose.  After the overdose she stopped. Her mum knew everything and kept an eye on her. When she was 16, she was hospitalized again for loss of blood. She had more than 50 deep and long cuts on her stomach.

These friends thought it was the way out. Killing themselves was the only way for life not to get any worse. What they were doing was not giving life the chance to get better. They thought that they were alone, that no one would listen or help. What helped them into thinking this was scumbags who told them they were useless, un-loved, fat, ugly, people who bullied them mentally and physically.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Gay marriage (my own opinion)

Hey guys, well I thought this is a very important subject. So I decided I would write a little blog about it.

Personally, I think that if two people love each other, no matter what gender they are, they have the right to be together. If they love each other enough to decide to get married, they should be able to. It's not "against nature" or any of that crap. Love is love, whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, black, white... you could be blue and have both male and female parts, and you should still be given the right to love and marry and have a family with whoever you wish.
A friend of mine said that she isn't against same sex marriage, but she is against same sex adoption and parenting. Her argument is that naturally, they wouldn't be able to have kids, so they shouldn't.
I respect her opinion, and in some way she is right. Naturally, they wouldn't be able to have children. But my answer to that is, aren't there thousands and millions of different sex marriages, that naturally can not have kids? For what ever reason, one or both bodies are not capable of having children. So, we end up with two couples, couple 1 (same sex) and couple 2 (different sex), and neither can have kids. What makes couple 1 and couple 2 different in any way whatsoever in adoption? Both will give the child unconditional love and care, both will provide the child with whatever it needs to be able to learn and develop. Whats the difference whether the child grows up with two moms/dads, or one mum and one dad?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ear piercings

Hello everyone :)
Many people have their ears pierced, and many people don't. For some all it is is making hole in you ear , maybe even considered "ungly" by some, and to others it is decoration.
Personally, have six piercings in my ears. Both lobes first hole (done as a baby, with a gun) both lobes second hole (age 14, again with a gun), right cartilage (age 12, numbed and done with a needle) and my left tragus (age 17, needle). And I plan on having more done.
My grandmother isn't very happy I have "so many holes in my ears". My mother doesn't really like it but as long as its only my ears she is fine. My boyfriend doesn't care, and my friends think "it's so cool".
If you are thinking about getting your ears pierced (or any part of your body) just because it's cool, or all your friends have it, you are not going to love it. After a while you will get bored.
My cartilage piercing was one of those times. My "friend" got it done, and I thought 'hey, she looks cool with that and she gets alot of attention with it.' So I told my mum that I wanted it and or my birthday I went to the tattoo shop and got it done. Even that wasn't the best experience. The man froze my ear with a spray, and then did the work. Great! I didn't feel a thing. But afterwards, when the feeling came back to my ear, I was in tears from the pain.
On the other hand, my second lobe and tragus piercings were completely my decision with no outside influence. My lobes I got done at a place like clairs. I couldn't wait to get them done so I went to the first place I found that would do them. Big mistake! They were done with a gun, witch I now know isn't very hygienic, and to be honest in my personal opinion absolute rubish. It's a blunt force trauma to the tissue, and when I feel other the holes that have been done with a gun, there is a little lump under the skin. And they are slightly wonky. You can't tell unless you really look at them, but I know they are .
My tragus was done with a needle at a tattoo shop, with no freezing or numbing or any of that crap. He told me to breath in and breath out on his word, and it was done before I had finished breathing out.
On a pain scale of 1 to 10:
Second lobes, gun. 3 or 4
Cartilage, needle Thanks to the numbing I didn't feel a thing. Afterwards, when it wore off, it was an 8 or 9.
Tragus, needle. 2 or 3.

Then there is the difference between the healing. Different parts of your body take different lengths of time to heal.
Lobes. Because of the studs, they kept catching on my jumpers and scarfs. They took longer than the should have, and once they were healed, to take the earing out they started bleeding. The backing was like it had been welded on.
Cartilage. It had pus for the first few days, but other than that it healed very nicely and in the time it should have.
Tragus. Absolutly no problem what so ever. Healed perfectly in the time he said it would, and I can still wear in-ear headphones with no discomfort.

What about you guys? Have you got any piercings? Or are you against them?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Bullies. It's something every school has. There is always someone who bullys someone "different"  from the rest of everyone  else. Maily because they are not "normal". Whether it be because you are smarter than them, have short hair as a girl, long hair as a boy, listen to music different to their tastes, dye your hair unnatural colours, have piercings, have tattoos, etc. the bulliess always  find something to laugh about.
Personally I have been bullied by a number of people, including so-called friends, for a number of reasons: because I was fat, because I was ugly, because I wasn't from the country I was living in, for being English, because I was shy, because my parents split up... I could go on.
Now, because of the things they said, I truely do believe I am fat and ungly, and unlovable even by my own parents, I even went through a time of self-harm. My parents have never done  anything for me to think that, and no one other than the bullies have ever called me fat or ugly. It's purely by their repeated insults, and actions that I believe these things. It has ruined my life in so many ways. I have only just started to have the confidence to be me, thanks to my lovely boyfriend who supports me, I do not enjoy going on holiday or to the beach because people will see me in a bikini or a swimsuit, I find it hard going over the road to the shop on my own. I constantly think everyone is looking at me and laughing at me.
If you are being bullied, please, speak to someone. Be it your parents, a teacher, a friend. Anyone. Do not think for one minute that telling someone is been a telltale or a snitch or whatever you want to call it. Do not let them continue to do so. In the end it will be you who will feel bad.
These are some tips I wished I had listened to:
-Tell someone about what's going on.
-When the bully next confonts you, try to keep all emotion off your face, say "okay" and walk away. If they think it doesn't effect you, they'll stop, I promise.
-Do not think it over. Don't even think about what happened and what they said, it's not worth your effort or your time.
-Do not answer them back. Do not lower yourself to their level. Someone once told me "never fight with an idiot. You'll have to lower yourself to their level, and then they'll 'win' by experience".

Please do not let them get you down. Get help, find a way to fight back. Without answering or actually fighting with them. That's not the right path.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Favourite Songs for July

1.At the moment I am absolutly loving Ke$ha-cannibal. It's actually what I am listening to right now!
2.Lower Than Atlantis- Deadliest Catch.
3.Falling In Reverse- Tragic Magic.
4. I know this isn't a song, but I have the Danger Days CD on almost nonstop. All songs included!