Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Bullies. It's something every school has. There is always someone who bullys someone "different"  from the rest of everyone  else. Maily because they are not "normal". Whether it be because you are smarter than them, have short hair as a girl, long hair as a boy, listen to music different to their tastes, dye your hair unnatural colours, have piercings, have tattoos, etc. the bulliess always  find something to laugh about.
Personally I have been bullied by a number of people, including so-called friends, for a number of reasons: because I was fat, because I was ugly, because I wasn't from the country I was living in, for being English, because I was shy, because my parents split up... I could go on.
Now, because of the things they said, I truely do believe I am fat and ungly, and unlovable even by my own parents, I even went through a time of self-harm. My parents have never done  anything for me to think that, and no one other than the bullies have ever called me fat or ugly. It's purely by their repeated insults, and actions that I believe these things. It has ruined my life in so many ways. I have only just started to have the confidence to be me, thanks to my lovely boyfriend who supports me, I do not enjoy going on holiday or to the beach because people will see me in a bikini or a swimsuit, I find it hard going over the road to the shop on my own. I constantly think everyone is looking at me and laughing at me.
If you are being bullied, please, speak to someone. Be it your parents, a teacher, a friend. Anyone. Do not think for one minute that telling someone is been a telltale or a snitch or whatever you want to call it. Do not let them continue to do so. In the end it will be you who will feel bad.
These are some tips I wished I had listened to:
-Tell someone about what's going on.
-When the bully next confonts you, try to keep all emotion off your face, say "okay" and walk away. If they think it doesn't effect you, they'll stop, I promise.
-Do not think it over. Don't even think about what happened and what they said, it's not worth your effort or your time.
-Do not answer them back. Do not lower yourself to their level. Someone once told me "never fight with an idiot. You'll have to lower yourself to their level, and then they'll 'win' by experience".

Please do not let them get you down. Get help, find a way to fight back. Without answering or actually fighting with them. That's not the right path.

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